Quick Fix: Hide users from Essentials 2012 R2 Dashboard

If you have installed Exchange 2013 into your Essentials network, chances are upon loading the dashboard you will see a large amount of new users appear, you may even notice an alert telling you, you have too many users!


These are all of the exchange service accounts, and you may decide you don’t want them to appear in your dashboard.

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Windows Server Essentials–Client Backup Monitoring

powershell2xa4Just a quick post to say i have posted a script that works with GFIs RMM platform to monitor Client Backups for Windows Server Essentials.

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Password Change Reminder PowerShell Script Updated!

powershell2xa4Back in 2012 i wrote a script to help me remind users about their password expiry, to reduce the number of calls i got on the helpdesk. I decided to share it and published it on the TechNet Gallery,

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Troubleshooting my Password Change Notification script

powershell2xa4I regularly receive questions on my PowerShell Script for Password Change Notification. Whilst i have tried to keep the Q&A limited to the Technet Gallery page, it occurred to me i might be better off putting together a basic troubleshooting guide a bit like a FAQ.

What you have to understand is i am inherently lazy, which is why i wrote the script in the first place, and being a bit short on ideas for posts.. well, here we are.

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Did you know.. Customising your PowerShell Window

powershell2xa4Some time ago i read a blog or forum entry that mentioned being able to customise your PowerShell Window with alternate background colours much like you could with the old Command Prompt. It was one of those thing i thought was cool but would look at later. So today i decided to get this done.  I did sit and think about whether or not to even write this up as a post, given i am not really coming up with anything new and just linking to what other people have done, but then i thought, well without people doing that the internet would be a much smaller place.

So, first i did a search for customising your PowerShell profile.

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This task must be performed on the Domain Controller – Fixed

tickFor anyone who has deployed Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2, or more likely the 2012 R2 Essentials Experience Role, you may well have hit the issue where you were unable to run any of the integration wizards with online services such as Office 365 or Windows Azure.

When trying to run one of those Wizards from the Essentials Dashboard, you would have been given the helpful response “This task must be performed on the domain controller"

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Quick Fix: Printer not Redirected in RDP Session

RDPThis is something i have come across a number of times over the years, with varying degrees of success and failure. Some vendors seem to provide driver download packages allowing you to install the right driver, some more awful ones insist the printer is physically connected before it will let the driver install. Today i was helping someone who had an HP DeskJet 990c. Now that is quite an old printer and i remember from XP days that the driver was on the HCL and it was a plug and play printer.

So once i had identified it was indeed a driver issue causing the redirection to fail i needed a way to get the driver installed.

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